Submitting your Poppy and Dedication

At this time, we are only accepting submissions from Canada. When you have finished your poppy or poppies, identify them with the following:
– name and city of the person who made the poppy
– name and city of the submitter (could be different from the person who made the poppy, could be a group or organization)
– optional: your dedication in electronic form on a USB stick (you may also make your dedication on our website, see below)

Slip everything into an envelope and mail it to:

The Poppy Project
727 McKay St
New Westminster, BC  V3L 4T6

You must include the submitter name and city on the form so that we can connect it with your mailed-in poppy. Your dedication can also be submitted here:


We would love to have you dedicate your poppy or poppies! The dedications will be collected and published in a “memory book” to accompany the mounted poppies. Dedications can be up to a 50 words long, and can be made to any person or group, of any nationality. They can cover any event, group, or person (deceased or not) relating to any armed conflict that your family has experienced.

Please note that you must make a poppy submission in order to make a dedication. If you are not able to make a poppy, you may have someone else make one for you; however, we can’t accept dedications without at least one accompanying flower. Organizations (ex. Legion branches, service clubs, etc) are welcome to make dedications with a list of names as long as they provide one or more flowers.

Anticipating a large number of submissions, it would really help us out if you made your dedication online here:

Otherwise you may submit it on a USB drive with your submission. We will not guarantee that handwritten entries will be included.

We reserve the right not to include any dedications we deem inappropriate.


We are not a registered charity, so we cannot send you a tax receipt for donations. That said, we do appreciate small donations, which we will use to cover the costs of the backing material for the blanket and assembly supplies. A donation form will be added shortly which accepts PayPal and credit cards. Thank you for your support!